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 walk through continued even more long...

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PostSubject: walk through continued even more long...   Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:24 pm

1 |V|-|F|

Special Items:
D4=Magical Boomerang

Old Men/Women:

To reach Level 2:
>From H1 (start), Head to the east until you reach the ocean. There will be
Tekties when you pass through the rocks, but they?re not too much of a
problem. Watch out when they jump around, then stab when they?re standing
still. Once at the sea, immediately go north (unless you want the heart
container, refer to the Extra World Map Info section, but DO NOT get the
potion under any circumstances, if you?re about to die or not). Now, go
north two screens into the forest quickly, because monsters will attack at
the seashore. However, there are a lot of Moblins in the forest, so go
quickly. Now, take the northernmost path to the east two screens. Now, go
north once, west to the bottom of the hill with all the Octoroks (yeah, they
can be a problem if you don?t block against their attacks and stab any that
get in your way). Now, go up the stairs to the north. Voi-la! The
entrance to the next labyrinth. Well, what?re you waitin? for, Christmas?
Go on in, already! ~_^

Basic walkthrough:
THEM UNTIL YOU FACE DODONGO. This is Level 2?Moon. Alright, you might
think that after that piece of cake, this is going to be quite simple.
Nope, afraid not. Ropes. They?re everywhere, those annoying snake-like
things, and they?ll charge at you. You?re probably thinking, ?Little
snakes? Come on.? Well, just wait until you walk through the door to the

J See, I was right, once again! Dodge those little pests, eliminate them,
and grab the key. After you head north, run. Get past the Ropes, and go
north. Get past the Goriya in this next room, and go?you guessed it, north.
In this room, the door will close behind you. To the east is a room where
you can fight blue Goriya for the magical boomerang. If you want the key,
get rid of those Ropes, but if I were you, I?d run to the north.

Yay, finally, something more? original. X_X A sand-filled room. Get past
those annoying Moldorms (yes, you can use your sword) and head north. In
this next room, well, I?m sorry to say, you?ll have to defeat every Rope.
These jerks think they have you, right? Let them face your wrath!
Stab-stab-stab, mua-ha-ha! x\_/x Okay, I?m getting carried away. But, then
again, why would I be writing this? Head north.These Goriya shouldn?t be
much of a problem. Get rid of them to open the door and head north to face
the boss?Dodongo.

Dodongo isn?t too hard. Follow its head around. When it turns and you?re
in front of it, facing it, equip your bombs and press B RIGHT before it
makes contact with you. If you did it right, it will swallow the bomb and
its stomach will inflate a little. Do it again to kill it. Grab the heart
container and head west. Now, grab the Triforce unit to finish the level.

Level 3?First Quest
_ _
6 |F|/|U|
/ _
5 |_| |X|
_ _ % _ /
4 |F|-|B|%|F|%|E|-|Z|
| | | | /
3 |_|%|O|-|B|-|_|/|!|
/ |
2 |*| |F| A2=Bombs
| _
1 |F|-|V|

Special Items:
A2=Raft (in secret passage)

Old Men/Women:

I know what you?re thinking. ?Jeez, this is another one of those horror
films again.? Yeah, the lights are off, so what? Are you afraid of the
dark or something? That?s what I thought. If you have a candle, now is the
time. It doesn?t run out, you can use it as many times as you want, but
once every screen. Use it whenever it?s dark, so I can ignore the fact that
I?m walking you through dark rooms. It?s a zigzag design EXACTLY what the
second room of Level 3 was like. If any Vire get in your way, get rid of
them. Now head north. I told ya this wouldn?t be a piece of cake.
Continue north.

Gels. What?s the big deal? Hit ?em with that sword already! It can reach
across water. Snag that key and go north. Obviously, you?re thinking
something like, ?How do they expect me to just step across water?? That?s
what stepladders were made for, so go get one! Unlock the door to the east,
walk on the winding path across the water as you kill the Vire and the Keese
they split up into to open the eastern door, but don?t waste a key on the
northern door, because the map will be on the other side of the water that
you can?t cross even with a stepladder. Now, go east.

Avoid the Like-Likes at absolutely all costs or it?ll eat your magical
shield if you have one. Then, kill it with your sword (stabbing left and
right sides) and you might be able to pick your shield back up. Anyway,
kill the Gels and Like-Likes as you avoid the blue Bubbles moving around the
room. If a Bubble hits you, it?ll curse you so you can?t stab for a few
seconds. So, once the Gels and Like-Likes are gone, push the western block
to reveal the secret passage. Go down and retrieve the amazing? the
wonderful? the incredible? stepladder.

What do you mean, ?It?s just a stupid ladder.?? It?ll prove to be a lot
more useful than you think. Go two rooms back to the west, cross the water
to the door, unlock it, and go into the room. Here, I?d advise you ignore
the Vire and go east. Now, although there are annoying Zols (hit them with
that sword of yours), go north up the western wall, east along the northern
wall, then south down the eastern wall and get the map. Now, go back to the
center of the northern wall and bomb a hole.

Go into the room full of Rupees. Jackpot! Grab ?em, unless you have 999 or
somewhere around there. No need to waste valuable Rupees. 999 is all you
can carry. Dead end, right? Wrong. You can bomb all four walls in this
room. Bomb the eastern one and go into the room with the Vire. Get rid of
them and push the western block to open the eastern door. Prepare to fight
Gleeok, a two-headed dragon, and head east.

Is it a good idea to hide behind the blocks? I haven?t tried to see if it
works, so just go up, dodge the fireballs, and stab heads. When a head is
stabbed off, it will fly around hurling fireballs at you. Avoid it and stab
at the others, but stay moving. When it finally dies, grab the heart
container and go north to the room with the Triforce unit. And now guess
what? Grab it.

Level 5?First Quest
_ _
8 |*|%|1|
_ _ % _
7 |X| |U| |F|-|U|
/ | _ _
6 |Z|%|_|-|F|%|F|
/ |
5 |_| |O|
_ |
4 |E|-|F|
_ % |
3 |F|/|B|-|!|
_ / / _
2 |1|-|_|-|F|%|U|
| |
1 |V|-|F|

Special Items:
B8=Recorder (from secret passage)

Old Men/Women:
D7=I?D BET YOU?D LIKE TO HAVE MORE BOMBS. (Carry 4 more bombs: -100 Rupees)

How to reach Level 5:
Good for you, you?re actually getting through the game! Have another
cookie. ~_^ Be warned, however, even I got a bit scared from this point on.
Even writing the walkthrough can be a bit scary. I advise you get arrows,
because you?ll need them for Level 6. If there was ever a time to buy a
potion, it?s now. Anyway, as usual, I?ll start from H1 (start). I?d
recommend stopping at a fairy pond on the way. Now, go one screen east and
go north past the bridge to Level 1, and continue until you can go no
further to the north. Now go one screen west, then one screen north. Get
ready to dodge a lot of falling rocks. But being a pancake is better than
facing my wrath, trust me. So, go east already! Finally, you?ll come to
the bottom of the waterfall that the old man mentioned back in Level 4. You
can go under and waste Rupees on the old woman if you want (if you feel the
urge, give her the amount on the right, I think), or you can listen to me
tell you the same thing in more detail. Go east. You are in the Lost Hills
now. Not to worry! Go south. Same thing. Go east. Same thing. North?
Same thing. Go west. Not same thing! Okay, there?s a secret. Go back
east. Here?s the secret: just go north five times and you?ll finally come
to the top. The entrance. You thought that was hard? Go in and see this.
(As a side note, there?s another entrance to the same place under the most
northeastern statue. Don?t ask me why.)

Basic walkthrough:
Welcome to Level 5?Lizard. Let?s just get this headache over with, okay?
First, go north. Eliminate the Gibdo with the key, then bomb the western
wall and go through. Here, defeat all the Gibdos. Although you don?t need
to for what you?re doing right now, just do it, because you?ll wish you had.
Now, bomb a hole in the western wall again and go through after you prepare
to fight a room full of blue Darknuts. Don?t use any potions at all. If
you die, you die. Those guys are tough. Attack the sides and back.
Defeating them all is necessary Stay near the door, and after you kill one,
or if you need to, go back through the hole. Then go back, wait for a
Darknut to come your way, and kill it. Don?t fight more than one at a time.
If you try to show off and fight the whole room at once, you?re not going to
make it, trust me. After they?re all finally dead, push the westernmost
block and enter the passage.

After going through the Keese-inhabited secret passage, you?ll find yourself
on the northern side of the labyrinth. Push the western block out of the
way, prepare for a fight, and go west. Another room full of Darknuts. Now
you can use the potion if you lose too much life. Use the same tactics as
above. Once they?re dead, a secret passage will appear. Get the recorder
from it, and head back and go back through the passage, unless you want to
go south, then east (there?s a key along the way), you can carry more bombs.
Once back on the other side of the passage, push the western block out of
the way and go two rooms back to the east.

Now that you have the recorer, it?s time to find the boss. Stab at the
Gibdos if they?re there, and when the northern door opens, go through it
into the room with the Dodongos. I wouldn?t say fighting them is worth it.
By the way, on the overworld, you can play the recorder to warp to a
completed labyrinth. Unlock the door to the north, go in, and grab the map
quickly. Now, go back. Go east. Remember what I told you about dark
rooms? About the candle? Defeating all the Gels will make a 5 Rupee piece
appear. Now go north. Although you can get a key here, I?d just run for
it, as you?ll want to save your life for later. North.

After fighting all those strong Darknuts back there, this should be no
problem. Next, grab the compass and go north. Two Pols Voices, two Gibdos,
and two Keese. You can get a key from this dangerous six (Pols Voices
require bombs to defeat), but I?d just unlock the western door and continue
to the room with the Pols Voices. If they get in your way, knock them away
with your sword, but you won?t get anything from killing them, so just get
to the other side of the room, unlock the western door, and go into the boss

The first thing to do is play the recorder with B to make the shell go away.
Now you can attack the eye with your sword. Stay moving, and stab when
Digdogger gets near. Keep in mind, though, that Digdogger is a lot more
dangerous than a the fireballs coming at you. Keep stabbing to open the
northern door. Grab the heart container, go north, and grab the Triforce
unit. Another victory. !!!THE REST IS COMING SOON!!!
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walk through continued even more long...
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