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 Cheats And Tips

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PostSubject: Cheats And Tips   Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:40 am

Getting Into New Places
In the second quest, the dungeon maps arent always accurate. First of all, you might be able to enter a place on the map where no rooms are shown. Also, some ares in the dungeons can only be accessed by walking through the wall. If there is one room in a dungeon in which you havent been, and you cant open a portal with a bomb, try walking through a wall by pressing against it. If it works, youll hear the secret music and youll pass right through it.

Trick While Fighting Dodongo
To avoid losing bombs and possibly gain them when fighting Dodongo, wait until he is close, and throw 2 bombs into his mouth, timing it so the second bomb comes about 1/4 second after the first. If youve timed it right, Dodongo will slowly walk in place. You can then simply stab him with your sword to kill him. He will leave a bomb for you almost every time. If youre really good, you can also just use 1 bomb, and time it so that he walks into the blast just after you set the bomb.

Open Locked Door in First Dungeon
Enter level 1 in the first quest. You should see a locked door. Immediately exit the dungeon, then reenter it. The locked door should now be open.

Second Quest
Enter Zelda as your name, and you will go directly to the Second Quest.

Shortcut to the Outside of Level 9
After you get all of the Triforce, go to the outside of Level 8 and blow your whistle. Youll go to the outside of Level 9.

Getting Through the Lost Woods
If you go west of your starting location, youll come to a dead forest where the trees are tan colored. If you go to the place where your see four paths through the forest, but cant seem to continue, there is a trick.

Enter the area, then go north, then west, then south, then west, you should come to another area beyond the forest. If not, try going south, west, north, west.

Past the forest are Lynels that shoot swords, and a graveyard up north. This is a shortcut to level six, and the magical sword found below a gravestone. If you have twelve hearts, you can take the magical sword.

You can also get the power bracelet early, since the other way around to the power bracelet requires the ladder to get past a creek.
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Cheats And Tips
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