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 The Great Deku Tree

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PostSubject: The Great Deku Tree   Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:37 am

The Great Deku Tree

Inside the Great Deku Tree, defeat the enemies there and get some Deku Nuts
and Deku Sticks. Also, cut down bushes to get nuts, rupees, and even hearts!
Climb the ladder to reach the second floor, where you'll find the Map in a
chest. Jump across the gap to the right of the chest and enter the door
there. When the Deku Scrub in the center of the room attacks, just use your
shield and reflect the nut back at him. When it hits, try and catch him and
he'll give you information on how to defeat his other brothers. Go to the
next room and run through the room, jumping on the gray block, then the other
side before it crumbles. Open the chest to get the Fairy Slingshot, your
first side weapon!

Since the block crumbled, you can't find a way back across, so it's time to
use your slingshot. Aim at the ladder high above you, and it'll fall, giving
you access to the door again! Get back into the main area and shoot the
Skulltulas crawling on the vine-like walls above the chest with the Map.
After they're all defeated, climb up the wall and touch ground up there to
get to the third floor. Go a little bit to the right and enter the door
there. Take out a Deku Stick and light it up, then light the other torch in
the room to leave the room afterwards. Push the switch and the three
platforms in middle of the room will rise for a limited time. Jump across the
platforms to the other side and open the chest to get the Compass.

To get back to the other side without the platforms risen, run to the other
side and climb up the wall. Go back into the main area and defeat any of the
Skulltulas hanging above the edges of the walkways by swinging your sword at
their soft bellies twice. Then, go to the edge of the platform facing the
center, and then look down at the web. Jump off the ledge and fall through
the web, destroying it. You'll now be able to reach the basement this way!
Get onto dry land and take out another Deku Stick and light it up. Now, run
across the shallow water to the other side by the webs and burn the web apart
and go through the door.

Defeat the enemies there and aim your slingshot at the eye above the door and
shoot to raise the bars blocking it. Go through the door, and dive underwater
and push the switch to lower the water. Get back to the entrance of the room
and wait for the platform to reach your side. Then, get on and let it take
you across the water to the other side. (Don't worry about the spiked log, it
won't hit you, but it'll hurt if you didn't push the switch!) Defeat the
Skulltula and pull the block across the floor so you can reach the door.
Defeat the Deku Baba here, then take a Deku Stick and light the two torches
here to open the door. Go into the next room, but watch out; three enemies
will fall from the ceiling to attack, so be prepared. Light up a Deku Stick
after that and burn the web blocking access to the next room.

Go into the room and defeat the Deku Babas, then push the block into the
water. Then, jump into the water and get onto the ledge with the lit torch on
it. Light up a Deku Stick by it and jump from the platform onto the block,
then onto the other side. Swing the Stick down above the web on the floor to
burn it apart. Fall into the hole and surface on the dry land again. This
time, there are three Deku Scrubs there and you can only beat them in a
certain order. I believe the order in killing them is: 3 1 2. When you hit
the last one, it'll start moving around the room, so catch it. He'll give you
a tip on defeating the boss in the next room, then leave. Refill your hearts
if needed and go into the next room and look up at the ceiling. The boss,
Gohma, will see you and jump onto the floor to attack. Read the Bosses
section of this guide for information on beating Gohma. After you beat it,
take the Heart Container and go to the light to exit the Deku Tree!
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The Great Deku Tree
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