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 Heart Peices

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PostSubject: Heart Peices   Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:37 am

Go east, then up a few spaces until you reach the corner of the lake. Head west one space, and use the candle to burn the fourth or fifth tree from the right. In the grotto youll get to decide to take the potion, or take the heart container. Take the container. The candle can be bought at a shop.

Head back down to the starting point, and head east twice. You should reach a mountain area with Tektites. Head east twice until you reach water again. Bomb the rock to the left of the path northward, and you will reveal another grotto. Some enemies drop bombs, which you have access to from the start. Spear throwing Moblins often drop them.

Now take the northern path, and continue northward until you cross the woods and reach a desert area with Tektites. Go north until you cant anymore, then head east. There will be a boulder with Tektites jumping around, and a grotto on the right side of that boulder that can be bombed open.

Head east now. East east east until youre on the easternmost edge of Hyrule. There is a heart container out on the water that can be gotten with the ladder. The ladder can be found at level four.

Still at the east most peninsula, there is a dock at the upper part. Use the raft you find in level three to sail across the water to a place to get the last container.
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Heart Peices
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