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PostSubject: Items/Epuipment   Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:08 am

Wooden Sword
The Wooden Sword is the first weapon that our hero will acquire. To obtain this fine sword, go into the cave that is at the start. The elder there will give this sword to you. Although it is wooden (bet you never expected that), it does everything you have come to expect from a blade. When Links LIFE hearts are full, a beam will shoot from his sword to attack enemies. This is the weakest of swords that Link will equip.

White Sword

The White Sword is a fine blade that was forged many centuries ago in ancient Hyrule. This white colored weapon is made of an unknown material, much stronger than the Wooden Sword. This unique item is located at the top of the waterfall near the LOST HILLS, and is guarded by a young man in his home. You must have five Container Hearts to be worthy of this weapon. It is twice as strong as the first sword, and therefore enemies will also be inflicted twice the damage when you use this sword. Quite a catch indeed!

Youll know youre in the right place where the white sword is, when you go up a ladder, to an area with a pond and a blue Lynel. Stun the Lynel with the boomerang, and either kill or avoid it.

Magical Sword

The Magical Sword is the most powerful weapon Link will possess on his journey to save the Princess Zelda. This mythical sword is so powerful it will inflict four times more damage to an enemy than your original sword. It can be found in the graveyard, and once you get it you can be sure that your life will be a little easier than it was before; you might even find yourself searching for enemies simply because you want to use the powers of this sword!

If you obtain all five heart pieces, and get through level four, your should have twelve heart containers. You can then journey to the graveyard and retrieve the Magical Sword before entering level five. Its highly recommended.

Magical Shield

When Link is not fighting, he can use the shield that is always by his side to fend off enemys attacks. Dont forget! There are some enemy attacks that Link cant defend against. Links first shield is only affective against spears and rocks that are thrown at him by enemies and traps. However, In addition to the first shield which Link starts his adventure with, there is another shield that was crafted in Hyrule. This is of course the Magic Shield which will let Link deflect spells, rocks and even a Zolas ball!

There is one shop that you can reveal by burning a green bush relatively close to the starting point in the northwest direction that sells shields for ninety rupees. Thats the cheapest price.


Rupees are the currency used in the Kingdom of Hyrule. You receive them by disposing of enemies and in special secret places around the Kingdom.. A Blue Rupee is worth a total of five green Rubies, as they are much rarer. You can only carry rupees up to a total worth of 255.

Rupees are commonly dropped by Tektikes and Leevers. You can also find a place to gamble for rupees in the east.

Hearts And Heart Containers

Hearts are the life force of Link, and are mandatory in order to guarantee survival. A Heart Container will give Link an extra heart on the life-meter. A standard Heart can be found pretty much anywhere, and will refill one heart on your life-meter. In addition to hearts, mystical creatures called Fairies can also be found around the Kingdom of Hyrule. Fairies are small and kind persons that tend to get themselves into trouble quite often. Rescue them from enemies (foes which carry fairies are randomly chosen), and capture the fairy in order to get your life-meter restored to a certain point.

There are a few fountains with a fairy in the middle of it. Touch the water, and she will revive all hearts. Starting health is always three when you start the game, so later in the game you may find yourself going to the nearest fountain first and foremost.

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