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LinkThe young boy they call Link was only a lad of sixteen when he began his adventure in the fight to save Hyrule. He was young, but strong and brave, with amazing sword skills. Throughout his life he has been known as the boy who is afraid of nothing, for he holds much courage in his heart. One day in the peaceful kingdom of Hyrule, Link noticed a mark which was apparent on his hand that resembled three golden triangles. Strangely, every so often his hand would itch as if the mark were reacting to something. Link wonders what this means but brushes it off for now, because today was going to be great, nothing could stop young Link today, for this day was his birthday. He rejoiced and celebrated with his family, but something was troubling him. There was still this mark on his hand and it was itching more than ever now. He thinks for a minute and decides to travel to the castle in search of Impa the royal nursemaid. Surely Impa could explain what was going on? Link finds Impa and he tells her his concerns. She examines the mark on his hand and and tells of a prophesy where the chosen one, bearing this mark, would bring peace to the land and awaken the sleeping Princess Zelda.

There once lived a beautiful princess, her home, the land of Hyrule, was to be her kingdom to rule one day; for she was the heir to the throne. Her father, the king of Hyrule, loved and cherished her and swore to always keep her safe. However, he was unable to watch the mischievous princess all the time. She was always wandering off in search of some kind of adventure. It was well known that princess Zelda attracted trouble where ever she went, but the Princess was stubborn and refused to listen to the people of Hyrule. Some say she was brave while others believe she was simply disobeying her fathers wishes. None the less though, she was very vulnerable. Evil followed her everywhere, taking advantage at any given opportunity. Many, many years ago, Princess Zelda was placed into a deep sleep by an evil wizard working for the prince of Hyrule. The prince despised Zelda, so much at times that he even resorting to torture and beating her. There was no guilt or remorse felt by the prince through his cruel methods, so having the wizard silence Zelda was no problem at all. Zeldas knowledge on the whereabouts of one of the Triforce pieces, which were scattered across the land, was to be forever a secret, silenced by an eternal sleep. Her only hope was the tale of a chosen one, a mere boy who is pure of heart and righteous. A boy with the complete Triforce in his possession and the courage to use it. Only he, the chosen one, can free the princess from her sleep.

He goes by many names the Dark King, the Dark Lord the slightly odd looking pig, but, if evil could be summed up in just one word, then that word would be Ganon. Throughout the entire series and various Zelda nasties, Ganon is by far the worst, evil and corrupt, wicked and cruel, feared throughout the land of Hyrule. Many years ago, this dark king embarked on an evil plot to steal the Triforce and use it to take over the world. After much searching and through a long and painful battle, Ganon was destroyed by a brave young boy named Link who possessed the legendary silver arrows. With Ganons death, the people of Hyrule got back to their lives, rebuilding their homes, growing their crops and raising their animals and young. However, just because Ganon was dead, didnt mean things would be easy. Ganons evil minions were left to roam and rule the wastelands of Hyrule, waiting for the day of their masters return. In recent months the evil activity around the peaceful land escalated once again and the inhabitants were getting worried. They knew all too well that Ganon could one day return If the blood of one of Links descendants were to be spilled. Doing so would result in the resurrection of Ganon, which in turn would bring about the end of the world as they know it. If only there were some way to stop this
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