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PostSubject: Characters   Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:31 pm

In this first game, there are many Old Men who will help Link on his journey. Hyrule is vast, and sometimes its nice to get some help now and again from wise people. Being social and talking to everyone he meets is often crucial for Links quest.

These old women can make potions for Link once he gives her a parchment. She sells potions just like a shopkeeper, though many of her places are hidden and need to be found. These potions really help later in the game, where the labyrinths are long, and the enemies are hard.

There are many shopkeepers throughout Hyrule, and they sell their wares at different prices. Some items can only be bought at certain shops, so its good to hunt around for new things and lower prices.

Shops are found in every game throughout the series, where you can spend rupees restocking ammunition, buying potions, and doing other things. Shops can be found inside and outside towns, though there are no towns in this game.

Link is the main protagonist in this and many games that come afterward. He is the embodiment of courage, who will do anything to bring peace to the land. Diving deep into frightening labyrinths, fighting hordes of monsters to obtain what he needs. Often the true source of the evil in a local area is a monster many times his size, but with sword in hand and an arsenal of tools and weapons at his disposal, he must conquer these titans for the sake of Hyrule.

Link is often a reincarnation of the Heros Spirit, and is born in a small village, or some humble cottage. Some Links have other family members such as an uncle, grandmother, or sister, but he never has parents. Other times he lives alone in some small village, and is respected and cared for by friends.

In The Legend of Zelda, Link is a traveling swordsman who helps Princess Zeldas nursemaid, Impa, who begs him to save the princess. He embarks on this epic quest. Link can find many things on his quest to make survival easier.

In many games, Zelda is the princess in danger that Link must save. She is caring, selfless, adventurous, and brave.

In this game, she doesnt have much of a part besides waiting in a cell for her hero. Like Link, she is a reincarnation of a line of princesses, who are born into a family that rules Hyrule throughout the ages. She sometimes has a father, but never a mother. Her nursemaid, Impa, is often beside her. Her most loyal and trusting friend and mother figure tries her best to raise and protect the princess.

Impa is Zeldas nursemaid, who is a loyal mother figure to the princess. She does anything and everything for the Princess, and thus helps Hyrule in her own special way. Impa is often portrayed as an elderly woman whose family has long been in service to the Royal Family.

In this game, she narrowly escapes Ganons clutches and finds Link. Link saves her from pursuers, and embarks on his quest. Impa may not be the Hero, but she has courage and dedication.

In many Zelda games, Ganon is the antagonist. He wants to rule Hyrule, and to do that he want possession of the artifact called the Triforce. As he strives for power, he is often in possession of one piece of the Triforce called the Triforce of Power. However, to gain the true power he needs all of them.

In this game, he steals the Triforce of Power, and fails to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. Zelda splits it into eight pieces to stop him, and for her deed he locks her away. He leads hordes of monsters such as Darknuts, Wizzrobes, and Moblins.

Upon defeat, Ganon is turned to ash and the Triforce of Power is free for Link to take. Unfortunately, even after Ganons death there are still minions roaming Hyrule.
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