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 Forest Temple

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PostSubject: Forest Temple   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:41 am

Forest Temple

From the start, go ahead and defeat the 2 wolves. Climb the vines on the
right wall and jump across the branches to retrieve a Key from the chest.
Drop down and enter the next room. Defeat the Skulltula quickly with the
Hookshot and enter the following area. In this main room (you'll return here
alot, remember this room), the 4 poes will appear and vanish into the temple
itself. So, go straight ahead, up the steps, and into that room. Defeat the
Blue Bubble by letting it hit your shield, then kill it off with your sword.
In the following room, kill off the 2 Stalfos by using Z-Targeting and
attacking the instant they move their shields to attack you. Open the chest
that appears to get the Key, then leave this room and return to the large
main chamber.

Here, go down the steps and into the right alcove (northwest, if looking at
the Map). Play the Song of Time to clear the block, then enter that room. In
this grassy chamber, defeat the giant plants and get to the right wall.
Defeat the Skulltulas you can reach with the Hookshot, then climb up the vine
wall. Get onto the first ledge you reach and enter that room. In there,
defeat the Blue Bubble and collect the Map from the chest.

In the next area, defeat the plant on the balcony. Look for the gray target
above the adjacent balcony; Hookshot over to it and step on the switch to
lower the water in the well below. Jump off the balcony or climb down the
wall, then go down that now-drained well. Down there, go along the path and
open the chest at the end to get a Key. Climb the vines and you'll be on a
ledge in the above area again. Get to the door and go through to reach the
main area once more.

Back here again, go right and onto the west ledge. Go up and open the locked
door, and enter that room. Kill the Skulltula and go through the door into
the following room. In the next room, you'll be faced with a puzzle to solve.
Climb up the ladder ahead, then up the next one. Follow the path as signified
by the arrows on the floor, until you get behind the block. Push it ahead
until it's aligned in the path you just walked around. Then, go up the ladder
you just passed and walk around to find another block. Push it all the way
ahead, then go back out and head right. Drop off the edge of the platform to
the start of the room. Go up the ladders and push the blue block straight
ahead. Go around the path and push the block until it falls into place.

Now, climb atop the block and up the next couple ledges, and you'll find the
other block again. Push it as far as you can, then jump onto it and the upper
ledge. Go right and up the ladder, and continue onward. Defeat the 2 Blue
Bubbles if you wish, otherwise go through the locked door and into that room.
Head through this twisted hallway into the inverted room at the end. Jump
across the ledges and head into the next area. |||||Go down the steps and into the
next room, where you'll have to fight 3 Stalfos in a difficult battle.
Survive, then open the chest that appears to get the Fairy Bow!

Now, go back to the previous room. You'll notice 3 picture frames on the
walls throughout this chamber; one of which has a red ghost on it. Shoot the
ghost in the picture with an arrow without getting too close. Do this for all
3 pictures and the real ghost will come out downstairs to attack. Kill it,
then open the chest that appears to get a Key. Go through the door into the
next room, then continue to the following chamber. In there, repeat the same
process as before to kill the second ghost. Open the chest there to find the

Before you can continue onward, it's time to backtrack. Make your way back a
few rooms, until you're in that large room with the Blue Bubbles. Shoot the
eye above the door you come out of with an arrow, and the twisted hallway
will straighten out. Go back down that hall into the room at the end. Drop
down to the ground and open the fancy chest to get the Boss Key. Next, drop
into the hole in the floor to the room below. Defeat the Blue Bubbles in
here, then go into the following room.

Up here, go along the upper path, defeating the giant plant in the way. Go
into the right alcove at the end and enter that room. Defeat the hand enemy,
then open the chest to get a Key. Now that you have this, leave the room and
head through the doorway to the side. In this large room again, get to the
top area. Shoot the eye again to twist the following area. Now, continue
through the next several rooms until you come to a locked door. This time, go
through it into a new room.

In this twisted room, drop down and climb onto the right ledge. Go down the
straight hallway and unlock the door into the next room. Jump onto one of the
rotating platforms, and ride it around. Aim an arrow at the iced eye switch
on the wall, then when the torch is between you and the switch, shoot an
arrow at it. The fiery arrow will melt the switch, inverting the previous
hall. Go back down the hall and in the end room, drop through the hole in the
floor and you'll be in another puzzle-like room. Run across the floor and the
ceiling will fall. If you stand in certain spots, you'll be protected within
the holes of the ceiling. Anyway, get to the switch and step on it. After the
ceiling falls/rises, run across into the next room.

In this next puzzle, shoot the picture on the wall with an arrow, and several
puzzle blocks will fall from above. You must push them around to reconfigure
the ghost's picture within a minute. When you do that, the ghost will come
out to attack. Beat it, then go through the doorway on the ledge to reach a
new room. Defeat the Skulltula and continue to the main room ahead.

Here, jump off the balcony and confront the final ghost in the middle of the
room. It'll send out 3 clones of itself, and spin around. Stand in the middle
with the Bow and Arrow, and shoot at each one until you hit the real one. Do
this 4 times to defeat it. Now, the elevator in the middle will finally rise
again. Ride it down to the basement level.

For this room, you have to rotate it around by pushing the stone slabs on the
sides of the room. Rotate it a couple times, stepping into the side rooms and
stepping on the switches there (3 total). Rotate the room until the north
path is cleared, then enter the boss's room. The boss here is Phantom Ganon,
so view the Bosses section for help beating him. Once he's dead you'll get a
message from the real Gannondorf. After that, grab your Heart Container and
get out of the temple via the blue light. After you exit the temple, you'll
get the Forest Medallion from the Forest Sage, which is Saria.

After you meet Saria again as a sage, head back to the Temple of Time. Once
there, head to the room where the Master Sword was and Sheik will appear and
teach you the Prelude of Light. He'll also tell you how to become a kid
again. After he disappears again, since you don't need to be young right now,
get to Kakariko Village, then go to the Death Mountain Trail and finally into
Goron City.
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Forest Temple
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