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 Dodongo's Cavern

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PostSubject: Dodongo's Cavern   Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:44 am

Dodongo's Cavern

From the start, go down the right hill and hug the wall to the right of the
lava pool to reach dry land on the other side. Climb up the ladder and take
the Bomb Flowers and use them to blow open the doors and the Beamos. Enter
the last door and watch out for the enemies here; they explode shortly after
you defeat them. At the end of this long room, push an Armos statue onto the
switch to remove the bars blocking the door. Enter the door and go down the
hallway, then enter the next door. Get ready for a little fight here against
two very agile Lizalfos. After you beat them, go and enter the next door at
the back of this room.

Defeat the Dodongos here by getting behind them and hitting their tails with
your sword a few times. After they're all defeated, light a Deku Stick and
light the other three torches in the room to open the door out of there.
Continue through the next room until you end up in the main area again. This
time, make your way to the other side of the room and blow open the doors
there, too. In the middle room, be sure to take the Map after bombing the
room open. Enter the door at the end closest to the big dinosaur head.

The secret here is to detonate ALL the Bomb Flowers here at once. To do that,
pick a Bomb Flower that's NOT on the gray ledge and put it in the empty space
in the middle of the ledge. When it explodes, so will the other flowers,
which will now trigger the stairs to come down. Climb the stairs and the wall
up to the next floor and land on either side because it doesn't matter.
Follow the path to where the path connects with the other one and turn
left/right depending on what side you're on, and enter the next room.

Push all the Armos until you find the one that's a statue and push it away
from the ladder so you can get up there. Push the switch to open the door to
the next room. In the next room, just run down the hall and make the jump
between the broken bridge. In the next room, avoid the blade traps and make
your way to the other end of the room. Then, jump on the block and on the
ledge right in front of the door. Turn around and jump onto the platform with
the Bomb Flower, and pick it up and throw it so it sits on the ledge that you
were just standing on. If successful, you'll destroy the door, giving you
access to the next room.

Go through the path and defeat the Lizalfos in the following room with your
sword. Then, enter the next room and follow the hallway through the next
room, too. Go through the next hallway and you'll end up in the room you
skipped before. Jump across the gap and open up the chest to get the Bomb
Bag, which lets you carry Bombs! As a bonus, it already has 20 Bombs inside
it! Go through the next hallway and press the switch there to raise a pillar
from the bottom of the area to bring you down there quickly when needed. Walk
along the ledges and you'll see a bridge. There are two holes in the bridge,
which you can easily jump over. Stand next to each hole and drop a Bomb into
each of the eyes of the big head below. When Bombs are dropped into both
holes, the mouth will open, giving you access to the rest of the cavern.

Use the pillar you activated before to get down there and enter the room
inside the mouth. Enter the next room and defeat the flying bats here. Then,
follow the reachable path around through a couple rooms. Then, follow another
path back to the same room, but right behind a block! Push the block down and
into the hole where the switch is in middle of the room. Then, enter the next
room and drop into the lair of King Dodongo! Read the Bosses section of this
guide to find out how to beat the giant bomb-eater. After you beat it, take
the Heart Container and exit the cavern via the circle of light.
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Dodongo's Cavern
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